Portage Lake - Gem of the Chippewa Forest

Anglers can expect great Minnesota fishing during their stay at Iowana BeachPortage Lake is a 1,488 lake located 5 miles west of Bena, Minnesota.  Located in the heart of the Chippewa National Forest the lake is a well-kept secret.  Portage receives relatively little fishing pressure due to its proximity to more well-known Minnesota fisheries and its limited shoreline development.  What does that mean?  It means grab your tackle box and hold on to your hat - you are in for some great fishing for walleye, crappie and northern!

Great Minnesota fishing With a maximum depth of 55 feet the lake offers great walleye fishing.  Its soft sand bottom, abundant aquatic plants and profuse yellow perch prey base combine to provide excellent habitat for its naturally reproducing walleye populationAdditionally, the Department of Natural Resources supplements the natural walleye population with a stocking program.  The most recent survey done by the DNR reported that growth of the walleye population was above statewide averages for all age classifications.  Though managed by the DNR primarily for walleye Portage Lake offers a wide variety fishing opportunities.  Anglers can expect great crappie fishing and northern fishing.   In the DNR's 2000 fish survey growth rates for black crappie and northern pike were also above statewide averages.  In addition, species including bluegill, perch, largemouth bass, and rock bass make Portage a great place to take your kids fishing!

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